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Thread Snips


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Snip those threads quickly and easily with these scissors.  Technically, they're called Thread Snips because they're only designed to snip thread.  Compact enough they're easy to grab and clip, but inexpensive enough you can have several in all your sewing nooks.  Have a few on hand is like having a new box of pens to fill your pencil holder - you never run out.  (I don't know about you, but I was always misplacing my small pair of scissors - and they were too expensive to replace.)  Since discovering these, however, I am rarely out of reach of another pair.

Colors change with the seasons so when we order them the color assortment is always a surprise.  Therefore, we will have to surprise you as well.  Each pair is spring-loaded and sturdy, all metal. They are oiled so be careful to wipe them clean before laying them on your pretty fabric.